virgin me trip

posted . jan 3rd . 2011

me trip - laguna beach, ca - may 2010

"Take time for yourself." Ah, a phrase I was consistently told by well-meaning women but not one I'd seriously considered. I mean, c'mon...
      Leave the kids and just go somewhere?
             By myself?
                              No laundry?
                                        No alarm clock?
                                               Uninterrupted sleep?

QUICK! Where is this place and how fast can you beam me there?!

In May 2010 I decided to take the plunge and find that place - and what I found was nothing short of heaven. I spent four nights at the picturesque hideaway of Casa Laguna Inn & Spa - an enveloping inn folded into the hills and cliffs of Laguna Beach, California. The locale, the architecture, the simple thoughtful details found within the walls of this serene haven... sigh, if I could open up my heart and share with you the beauty that overflowed into it from this place, you'd want to dive right in and take a prolonged swim.

And the being completely alone? Priceless. Trading the sounds of my children's high-pitched squeals, tantrums, and "singing" for the quiet of the roaring ocean and the stillness of the world outside my room's balcony was the best trade I almost never made. Taking that time just to be with me, to contemplate without interruption, to be able to center myself and find that sweet spot of trust in my instincts and talents... almost a year later I continue to reap the benefits of that trip, those quiet moments, and the, OH-THANK-GOD chances to take a bath without anyone I knew or cared about having a major meltdown!

I was joined by my brother for a day of gallery hopping in downtown Laguna, afternoon munchies at a simply sweet restaurant on a cliff and strolls along Laguna's Boardwalk. The other three days I spent, well, just being - resisting the urge to drive anywhere, to shop and spend needlessly, and completely stifling, if not suffocating the voices within that tried to tell me I was being selfish, careless, gluttenous, untraditional, and so-not-a-reputable-mother-of-any-kind. I didn't drive five hours to listen to such negative voices - so I didn't give them an audience. Not once. Even as I sipped that glass of wine in the bathtub. Even when I got up at sunrise to catch the morning waves with my trusty lens - only to return to a gourmet breakfast and then fall back in bed for satisfying rest.

So here, my friends, I share with you a handful of the pictures taken from that trip. May 2010. Laguna Beach, CA.