Monday, January 3

is that you, 2011?

Holy Krakow, it is! Wow. And I was ready for you this time, New Year, so... HA! Take that.

And, of course, 2011 is going to be an exquisitely awesome year. I mean, c'mon, the Phillies got Lee - this year can NOT possibly look any more optimistic. My sincere apologies to other MLB NL team fans. Seriously: you're in for it.

Ah. It's good to be a Phillies fan.

Yes, yes, yes, this is a momblog. And no, no, no, I'm not obsessed with baseball - no matter what my husband says to the contrary. I just happen to enjoy watching grown, muscular men hit things and run around... where's the crime in that?!

Hey, I could be obsessing over Joe from Blue's Clues. At least following the Phillies (and the Yankees!!!) I can't be accused of directing desires at inappropriate age groups.

Ah, now that I feel I've (clearly) justified my baseball watching, let me also announce that one of my resolutions for this New Year is to have all the extra baseball channels for the 2011 season...

See, 2011, I was prepared for you. We cancelled cable to cut our bills so that come this April, we can pay more than we ever dreamed just to be able to get those east coast games live...

And speaking of resolutions and unending hours of staring at a blank TV screen, I've yet two other resolutions - commitments I actually want to keep. (And there lies the whole reason why resolutions fail. Really, who wants to give up unhealthy eating habits only to diet on carrots and lettuce when unhealthy food tastes so dang good?!)

You see, I'm not a big resolutions person. I figure, why make a resolution - especially one as far-fetched as giving up gobs of sugar (whaaa?!) - when I inately know I have not been given the will power to keep such a resolution. And since it's impossible to get anything done in a straight jacket, I guess dieting AND giving up sanity aren't going to work out quite as well as either.

So I've created two I know I can keep.

2011 New Year Resolution #1 is to blog more often. Yeah, insane, I know, BUT I also know that it's important for me to release and share my motherhood experiences with my Fellow Fabulous Moms (especially the ones I don't get to converse with in person on a daily/weekly/monthly basis) - and to give those FFMs a place to come frequently to hear that they're doing a good job, they're not alone (nor insane, though I only vouch for a few of you on that one), and that, yes, Virginia, feel free to stuff your face with that last slice of cake after the kids are in bed. Really, you're saving them from a sugar crash they don't need.

The most important blog topic from the motherhood arena that I'd like to cover is postpartum depression. This disease/disorder/nightmare/whatever affects more of us than anyone is willing to admit - and it's something that sucked away cognitive function, the feeling of joy, and memories from me for almost a year. No mother should have to experience that alone... so once I've downed enough of that bottle of wine, I'll pour out my postpartum experiences in this here blog. (Which shouldn't be too long... is 11 AM too early to be half-drunk already?.... just kidding.)

I will also share with you my creative endeavors - few know that I struggled for about thirty years (insert dramatic music) to accept and embrace and celebrate my God-given talents. And the more I embrace those talents, the more I realize the importance of releasing creativity on a daily basis - especially with my children. And that's something I want to share with you FFMs out there.

I am incredibly excited to announce that I will also have a guest blogger - a marriage, family, and individual psychotherapist (legit peeps!) who will offer her deeply brilliant insight into the whole scheme of motherhood, parenting and family shennanigans. She's a mother (D -34), a grandmother (GC- 5 & 2), and an LCSW who's got a way of relating the dynamics of the individual and the functions of the family to someone even as dimwitted as I can on (cough, many, cough) ocassion be.

And 2011 New Year Resolution #2?! Oh, you'll have to wait til next week for that.... mwahahahahahahaha.

Sorry, I really couldn't help myself there. Hm, maybe that straight jacket isn't such a bad idea after all.

At least it'd get me out of doing the laundry!